JMC330 Project: Czech Republic Sustainable Development March 25th, 2012

According to "The Czech Republic Strategy For Sustainable Development," The Czech Republic had one of the worst sustainabilities in the 1980s until social change occurred in the late 1980s. As years continued, some manufacturing processes that involved polluting were put on hold as changes in the environment began to grow. A new legislation had occurred in 1993 where water and air pollution decreased and the assessment on the impact of the environment turned into a routine. There was protection in the environment where investments were brought into the protection of the air, which included denitrification of power and heating plants. In 1999, there were less decreases in pollution and the environment became more balanced, which was mostly caused by the new legislation.

Currently, sustainability in the Czech Republic has a degradation in depleting the planet's ozone layer. There is also gas heating, which is more convenient for the environment than local heating. A strength the sustainability currently has is the dynamic development of organic farming, which was brought up through the Czech Government of the Action Plan for the Devlopment of Organic Farming. One weakness of sustainable development includes how ground and surface water is affected by diffuse pollution. There is a "vulnerable area" as well as a "sensitive area" in the way the water is treated. This is due to nutrients and other particles being flushed as it affects the agriculture.

According to the Economic Survey of the Czech Republic, greenhouse gas emissions should have been reached at a certain level in 2004 while emission trading was supposed to be taken care of with household coal in order to take caution against households on using coal for fire. Mining brown coal was supposed to be reconsidered due to the environmental issues as well as money issues. The money being spent on renewable energy is too much in comparison to what can be done to lower air pollution as well as the degradation of greenhouse gas emissions. Although air pollution has been degradated, costs are still at a high number.

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