A pattern language for a Conservation Economy[edit | edit source]

The concept I have in mind for this page in Appropedia is to remake the original ConservationEconomy Pattern Language here in Appropedia, as an open source project, and add to it any new design patterns that users feel are needed plus add related organizations and case studies for areas other than those from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, which were the original targets for the ConservationEconomy patterns as it was built by EcoTrust.

The original web platform for the Pattern Language for a Conservation Economy, also known as Pattern Language for Reliable Prosperity, has been abandoned by its original publishers and keepers. The pages are still accessible in the Internet Archives here:


A second version of this pattern language was developed on this Wiki platform: http://reliable.prosperity.fed.wiki.org/view/reliable-prosperity

This Pattern Language includes 62 design patterns, laid out in something like a tree structure with three main "trunks," representing the Triple Bottom Line concepts: equity, environment, economy, or sometimes people, planet, profit. One advantage this system of thinking affords is the opportunity to index specific projects into the patterns, which helps to categorize them in a way to help potential users with their problem solving. More on that later!

This Appropedia page reviews the general structure and presentation of design patterns: Ecovillage & Intentional Community Solutions: Design Patterns

Other related links are here:

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