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						 The CCAT building was redone in 2004-2007 the floor was poured and finished by Beacon Construction. The floor was fabricated with a radiant heating system in it. The floor was then stained by Humboldt State student Jess Huyghebaert. She stained the floor and sealed the concrete floor. She used 2 gallons of Soy Clean to prep and clean the floor at a price of $47.98 for both. She then stained the floor in one to four sequence applications, depending on how dark she wanted the stain to be. The Iron sulfate cost $36. She then sealed the decks with four gallons of Acri-Soy Gloss at a price of $150.89 for all four gallons; she also used four gallons of AFM Safe coat at a price of $154.44. So the total cost of cleaner stain and sealer was; $389.31, the total Square Footage was 1,400Sq. Ft. calculating out to $3.60/ Sq. Acri –Soy is a quality product that is clean, sustainable and friendly to the environment.

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DuraSoy Onetm is a new generation professional grade sustainable bio-based paint technology that is changing all the rules in the paint coatings industry. Its unique chemistry fills the void when comparing performance, sustainability, and cost for professional painters and do-it-yourselfers alike.

DuraSoy Onetm does not contain hazardous ingredients such as propylene glycol or formaldehyde and is virtually odorless. It is a fast drying bio-based low odor paint system that will dry to the touch within 30 minutes to 1 hour for a quick return to service.

One problem Jess Huyghebaert was concerned about was efflorescence, Calcium buildup on the surface, caused by excessive water content of the concrete. This did not present a problem. One problem that was eliminated by the sealing was any Hydrostatic pressure problems or water seepage coming up through the slab. Hydrostatic water problems occur in slabs that do not have a proper moisture barrier (Visqueen;9ml.)Or slabs that have drainage problems from plot layout and or hill side drainage. This can be a chronic and expensive problem to deal with. This is one of the main reasons for sealing your slab.

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