Electronic Recycling Association[edit | edit source]

Electronic Recycling Association is a non-for profit organization working with the public and private sector helping companies and the public deal with unwanted electronic items.

See; http://www.era.ca/donations/recycling/

System 76 Computer Recycling[edit | edit source]

System76 and Kids On Computers have partnered to bring computers and open source software to disadvantaged children. Kids On Computers, a non-profit organization, deploys Ubuntu based computer labs in schools and communities around the world. The organization's first school in Huajuapan de Leon, Mexico, was a resounding success. They now have a dedicated computer teacher and are expecting Internet access very soon. The school went from being one of the poorest schools in town to being the school where all parents want their kids to go!

System76 now offers a "Donate Your Old Computer" option on each product page. By choosing the "Donate Your Old Computer" option, System76 emails you a mailing label to ship your old computer to Kids On Computers. There is a $10 cost which covers a portion of the shipping. System76 covers the remaining shipping cost. Your old computer is tax deductible, and Kids on Computers will provide a donation receipt.

Learn more about the program at http://web.archive.org/web/20100506052502/http://www.system76.com:80/recycle/

Where to recycle computers in Canada[edit | edit source]