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Type Solar cooker
Authors Brian White
Location Canada, Victoria BC
Status Prototyped
Years 2008
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I originally made a compound parabolic solar cooker by making a mold from cob and then folding and cutting the dish directly over it. I thought this was the best solution because you can make as many cuts on the spot depending on the stiffness of your dish material. (Material that is hard to bend requires more cuts) but requests have come in for a template and this is the second attempt to make one.

Video[edit | edit source]

I have made a compound parabolic solar cooker and it worked really well, heating food for up to 3 hours without moving the dish. I wish to spread the idea far and wide. Pictures and animated gifs will come later.


Understanding the Market[edit | edit source]


the drawing shows the elevation, and plan of a half section of the 45 degree (up to 3 hour cooking time) compound parabolic dish. The cooking pot is to fit in the area between the focus and the top of the elevation. Distances are taken from the elevation onto the plan and then the stretched out template is shown on the right hand side.

It uses the equal 1 cm measurements from the elevation and the width of the petal at that point to make the stretched out template. Stick 12 of them together and you have your dish!

Project Requirements[edit | edit source]

The initial goal is to provide numbers for the template. 12 equal segments will make the dish. Stick the segment petals together and you have your compound parabolic cooking dish! To use the template, you find the diameter of your cooking pot and divide by 6.5 cm (the distance from the focus in my elevation to the top of the dish. Multiply this figure by the figures below to get your petal template!


Design[edit | edit source]

The petals will be designed initially with technical drawing techniques. Later if anyone takes an interest designs with cad programs and more accurate figures can replace them.

Conclusions[edit | edit source]

I must await the interest in the project for conclusions.

Contact details[edit | edit source]

gaiatechnician at yahoo dot com

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