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Compost tea is made from well rotted compost or green manure that has had liquid added to it, and has been allowed to sit to extract some nutrients and to increase beneficial bacteria before use on the garden. There are various ways to make compost tea and this article is a work in progress, both aerobic and anaerobic.[1]

Compost tea must always have water added to dilute it, the usual ratio being from 4 to 10 volume of water to one volume of compost.[1]

Benefits of compost tea[edit | edit source]

Compost tea does not have high amounts of nutrients, but contain much bacteria which help plants increase their defenses to fight diseases.[2][3][4]

Green manure version[edit | edit source]

Compost tea can be made by mixing green manure with water and aerating this for 24 to 48 hours using a (DIY) compost extractor.

This is then diluted (1 part of this mixture on 10 parts water). Some 22 to 30 liter are given per 100m².

Tea in your compost[edit | edit source]

This isn't compost tea, it's about adding tea into your compost! Tea is an excellent accelerator to help a compost heap to decompose more quickly during the colder months. Brew a strong pot of tea using black tea leaves. Allow to cool completely. Tip the tea liquid and tea leaves evenly over the compost heap. Repeat every few months during colder weather.

Sources and citations[edit | edit source]

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