Compost pile at Chirapa Manta.

Compost is an integral part to permaculture farming. This page is an example of Chirapa Manta's method.

The compost pile at Chirapa Manta recycles their waste in piles. The pile consists almost entirely of human feces. Occasionally, food scraps are added in to supply additional nutrients. The waste is collected from the compost toilets on site then brought over in buckets and either added to an existing pile or starts another one. A bucket of EM-1 is dumped on top of the piles to help speed up the process and breakdown the compost piles. EM-1 being used in the piles facilitates turning the waste into black soil within a 1 month to 2 months depending on heat and humidity. After, the EM-1 is added the pile is covered with banana leaves to keep in moisture and heat. In rainy months the pile is covered in plastic because the banana leaves degrade too quickly. Once, the cycle has finished then you can use the soil for planting.

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