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One Sheet Solar Cooker in English / in English.


http://imagina-canarias.blogspot.com/2008/06/cocina-solar-simple.html June 9, 2008

It is the simplest solar cooker I have been able to design:

  1. A 60 cm x 80 cm sheet of cardboard is used, or larger if you can find it.
  2. Lines are made to mark the divisions into 2x3 parts, and cuts are made only on the "A" lines.
  3. The rest of the lines (the dotted ones) are for making "concave" folds. You can make an incomplete cut in the cardboard, without going through it, so that it can then "bend" there.
  4. The two holes are made, which are then used to tie the tabs marked in yellow below the base, which is in red. That squiggle between the holes is supposed to be a bow like a shoe. You are not interested in tying a permanent knot because you will want to fold the invention to take it somewhere else.
  5. It covers the side closest to us with aluminum foil. It's worth the inside of a few bags of chips. If you don't have glue, maybe you can staple it.
  6. The bottle with the base cut off (you discard the base) is to achieve more of a greenhouse effect. The bottle (with the base removed) can rest on a circle of sand so that it is better sealed and almost no heat is lost there.
  7. Inside the "greenhouse" you can fit, for example, a glass jar, with a lid. You can paint the jar (and the lid) black with some paint that does not produce toxic vapors when heated. For that, maybe it helps to use charcoal glued with rice water or something like that.

Enjoy it!

And be careful, it burns! I don't know if the temperature will exceed 100ºC (I think not), but it gets quite hot. Use folded cloths or gloves to hold the hot pot.

And remember that the design is in the public domain. You can copy, modify and use it with complete freedom. Experiment and tell us.

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