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Community Created Humboldt/Jan 23 10/Normalizing Marijuana

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The following are proceedings from a breakout group at the Community Created Humboldt event on January 23rd, 2010.

Normalizing Marijuana for Community Benefit Proceedings[edit]


  • Vague laws
  • Environmental impact
  • Home fires
  • Home invasions
  • Loss & Cost of housing
  • Impending legalization – large no. of homeowners depend on marijuana income and may lose homes and land
  • Health issues
  • Educational/motivational interference
  • Divides the community


  • Income/jobs- allows food farmers to survive economically while growing food for community; growers have more free time, less stress, volunteer in community
  • Taxes
  • Medical & mental health benefits
  • Self employment
  • Recreational use (as opposed to alcohol, what is healthy?)
  • On –going economic base for the county
  • How to regulate specifically?
  • No commute to work, using grow room heat to heat other parts of house and winter greenhouse; heat discourages ants & mold; increases amount of organic matter, soil available to grow other vegetables and other plants
  • Growing is self employment that allows single moms to stay home, raise kids, volunteer, etc.
  • Trademark issues
  • Business center
  • Need business level policy discussions/preparation for economic impact of legalization
  • Clarifying 215 law at CA state, Humboldt county and city rules and regulations
  • Reframe conversation in community from legalization vs. non legalization to “Appropriate legalization”

Theme: Prepare for legalization: What is appropriate legalization?

Next Steps:[edit]

Involve all shareholders Address all issues Create a business center