The following are proceedings from a breakout group at the Community Created Humboldt event on January 23rd, 2010.

Law of Attraction Proceedings[edit | edit source]

  • prosper—to thrive vigorously
  • well-being is dominant—alignment brings joy!
  • give thanks in advance; after identifying the problem, put focus on solution as if already found
  • abbreviated high energy emotional set point list
    • Joy appreciation gratitude (highest energy; inner being, highest self)
    • Hopefulness
    • Boredom
    • Irritation
    • Overwhelment
    • Disappointment
    • Fear despair grief (lowest energy)

Notes: what ever we focus on increases; this is a vibratory universe. If we say “yes” to something we include it in our vibration; if we shout “no!” to something we also include it in our vibration. Our inner beings will never join us in a negative thought. Alignment with inner being (self, source, Great Creator) brings joy. Recommendations: As individuals we help ourselves and our community by spending an hour a day doing something that brings us joy. It might be walking (or just observing) in Nature, dancing, singing, loving, etc. This time in joy prepares our future.

Choose better feeling thoughts on any bothersome topic. After identifying a community problem, put undivided attention on what is wanted; give thanks in advance for its manifestation. Next steps: how do we get this information out to the community?

Meredith Aldrich

Discussion[View | Edit]

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