The following are proceedings from a breakout group at the Community Created Humboldt event on January 23rd, 2010.

Food System Coordination/ Small Scale Agriculture/Food Security Proceedings[edit | edit source]

Convener: Ann Anderson, Steve Salzman, Merlin Nelsun, Chris Wisner

  • Future of Food
  • Education
  • New jobs for all parties, fish, farm, ranch, food council, what are others doing?
  • Quality food to people with economic issues
  • Sustainable food security
  • Self reliance
  • Fish & Farms
  • Policy & interagency communication
  • Neighborhood disaster preparedness
  • People grow their own food & coordinate with Food Bank
  • Lawns to gardens
  • Land usage (negatives)
  • General plan to incentivize agriculture base and knowledge base
  • Loss of fishing grounds
  • Wave energy research presentation Feb 2nd at Wharfinger
  • Want to hear from farmers
  • School gardens issue is seasonality and link to curriculum to grow
  • Charter groups are more open
  • Public schools more administration/less open to change
  • CSA community garden - work instead of paying
  • Information about local, fresh, organic food is important
  • Silos – how to bring together communications
  • Education – how to cook – passion for eating well, nutrition & food education exists
  • Food- community commodity function everyone a producer
  • Model behavior – not just teach; spend time growing own food instead of making money
  • Share land for labor to grow food
  • Food as function of community
  • Develop relationships between families – food as function; neighborhood level; shared gardens to grow, distribute, neighborhood up growth/ not policy downward
  • Community Garden Collaborative Food production like Volunteer Fire Department
  • Fund from Local fundraisers community responsible for funding
  • Education - can produce own why local, fresh healthy food is important & better than McDonalds; encourage &ID community which is responsible
  • Create: Volunteer Food Department

Next Steps[edit | edit source]

  • set up a nonprofit speed-dating event
  • convene OS event re abolishing corporate personhood
  • start business center for marijuana growers
  • CAFF end of Feb food security
  • visioning group: whole bioregion, identify niches to fill
  • Feb 1 HAF Humboldt Bay MWD rising water rates/rights
  • CCH Facebook page, ning
  • define viable OS model for future meetings
  • consider topics; sequence every two weeks in OS format; pick a topic/focus now
  • 4/2 OS food security local self-reliance
  • recruit; bring others to future meetings; communicate outcomes (Facebook, etc.)
  • invite members of breakout groups to provide key points
  • identify a constant place and time for ongoing weekly conversations (Golden harvest, Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Mosgos)
  • more diversity and youth at OS
  • 2/4 public input re D street center 6 pm
  • Susan O Coggee break 8-9 Weds; Mark Lovelace
  • focus $$ to local credit unions
  • vision of solution in mind: joy of opportunity; keeping our intention in face of challenges
  • Sunday Jan 31 Mateel Community Center
  • 2/5 Bayside Grange Haiti benefit
  • Arcata Community Garden (call Suz if interested)

Discussion[View | Edit]

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