Introduction[edit | edit source]

The following are proceedings from a breakout group at the Community Created Humboldt event on January 23rd, 2010.

Local Self-Reliance Proceedings[edit | edit source]

Economic self-sufficiency & disaster planning[edit | edit source]

  • economic resilience; increasing energy prices
  • how to develop enterprises that provide higher wages and standard of living
  • how to improve standard of living without higher wages
  • community supported ag—promote
  • need parkland; foodscapes
  • land bank: state sets up bank and loans and runs on interest
  • mortgage foreclosures: promote counseling
  • promote credit unions
  • financial education in schools
  • consumer credit association free workshops
  • local credit cards/credit exchange;
  • Ithaca dollar is labor-based
  • gift economy; community functions as extended family; generalized reciprocity

CONCEPT[edit | edit source]

Given the current economic crisis and deflating dollar, how to protect ourselves as a community and as individuals from current and anticipated financial/economic problems.

NATURE OF PROBLEM[edit | edit source]

  • Deflating dollar
  • Rising foreclosures
  • Job loss and government funding cutbacks
  • Declining credit availability to small business and individuals

POSSIBLE FIXES[edit | edit source]

  • Promote banking with local credit unions to keep capital local
  • Investigate extent of community foreclosure problem and how to alleviate locally
  • Set up/promote local credit exchange or currency that is silver-backed.
  • Promote neighborhood/community investment groups to provide private capital via personal (non-bank) loans
  • Set up programs to teach students the basics of managing money, checkbooks, investing, etc.
  • Investigate setting up local credit cards to keep capital local
  • Set up neighborhood groups to plan for providing basic needs in case of local disaster (e.g., earthquake, tsunami)
  • Promote investment in hard/tangible assets (food, emergency medical kits, precious metals, equipment, etc.) that will inflate in value over time
  • Investigate “gifting” programs as way of helping neighbors and changing community ethic (e.g. where community members contribute their expertise freely to others in need, such as the old house-raising concept)………extended volunteering
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