The following are proceedings from a breakout group at the Community Created Humboldt event on January 23rd, 2010.

Principled Community Managed Resources Proceedings[edit | edit source]

Convener: unknown

  • Community Forestry/ Arcata Community Forest
    • Redwood Forest Foundation, Programatic Timber Harvest
  • Fisheries/ Near shore ocean
  • Watershed Restoration
  • Ecotourism
  • Community Agriculture
  • Open Spaces
  • Water & Watershed scale planning
  • Materials management; re-use highest and best use of forests & resources
  • Local knowledge is intellectual capital
  • Alliances within communities and between resources establishes principled ground rules: (Triple Bottom line is Environmentally responsible, economically sound and socially just)
  • Non exploitative
  • Mimic natural systems – resiliency
  • Transparent honest assessments of negative impacts
  • Organic watch CO2 releases, carbon conscious, limit burning

Discussion[View | Edit]

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