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When inside a building,it is difficult for firemen to stay in contact with the people outside. The pager makes possible.

Detailed description of the solution[edit | edit source]

The institute of technologies in Karlsruhe (KIT) has now developed a pager which helps the firefighters to combat fire inside the buildings more effectively.
The whole time this system is in contact with the team leader (captain). The team leader is outside the danger zone. With the help of the tablet he cans lead and introduce protection measures for the team.
The pager (tablet) sends constant information about the firemen. It gives news about their state of health e. g. if the pulse is regular and how much oxygen there is left.
The team leader sees all the pieces of news on the tablet. Beside the connect status, the commandant can see which room the company is in.
The ABC protective clothing is able to analyze what kind of chemical substance.
A pressuresensor in the inner workings of the helmet delivers information about chemical Substances or the air level in the bottle.A headup display is integrated in the helmet of the protective clothing.
Special acceleration sensors evaluate any movement and transmit it.
Hence the signal is not going to be lost, there are intelligent wedges. They put the rapid response team at each door to keep it open and expand the signal from the pager to the building because of the big walls in lots buildings.
This new invention enables the captain and the team to stay in contact all the time.
E. g. if water or extinguish foam are needed.

  • Manufacturer location: Institute for Technologies Karlsruhe

When and where it was tested[edit | edit source]

The project has ended. The destination is to draft now with the involved companys a marketable product.

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