The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) refers to a collaborative platform that has been set up to help vulnerable countries address key issues related to global climate change.[1]

The aims of the forum include:[2]

  • "Agenda setting for highlighting concerns, issues and challenges faced by vulnerable countries
  • Consensus building and position convergence on international policies
  • Building trust among stakeholders and breaking down divides
  • Collective awareness raising on common concerns, views and positions
  • Sharing of good practices on climate change policy
  • Contributing to a truly effective, inclusive and responsible global climate change governance regime."

The CVF creates an opportunity for government leaders of the participating countries to come together and discuss the climate change issues directly affecting their countries and citizens. The approach is semi-formal, open and inclusive.[3]

Members of the CVF[edit | edit source]

As at December 2015, the members (participating countries) of the CVF are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Kiribati, Madagascar, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Vietnam.[3]

The first meeting of the forum was in 2009, at Male', Maldives. This meeting was ahead of COP15 in Copenhagen.[4] At that time, eleven countries formed the group and made a first Declaration demonstrating concern at the pace of human-induced climate change.[4]

Activities of the CVF[edit | edit source]

To be continued...

Contacting the CVF[edit | edit source]

You can reach the CVF via the links provided here:

Sources and citations[edit | edit source]

The Climate Vulnerable Forum is at:

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