If you're starting your search for jobs or volunteer placements in international development, which are the best opportunities, that you should apply for first?

Or, if you're an employer or an NGO receiving volunteers or interns, how do you provide the best experience and attract the best people?

First positions[edit | edit source]

The ideal first position, for a recent graduate or a student on a gap year, would be something that inspires, looks impressive on a CV, gives a range of experience and introduces you to a lot of good contacts.

The employee/intern/volunteer should receive good preparation[1] and support. Many organizations, including highly respected ones, will put the new person somewhere and largely leave them to figure things out. And if you don't adjust, they might renew your contract regardless Job Alert This Days And Specified Country Wise Getting The Employment Of Your Dream Is What Everyone Want And So One Should Also Be Working Hard To Get It.[2]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. See also Pre project questions
  2. All this is word-of-mouth, but from a reliable source (that I can't name - ~~~). Has a study been done on preparation and support?[expansion needed]

Discussion[View | Edit]

currently, there are three pages on getting more involved in international development, I propose we have one page on volunteering and another page on working. I propose that https://www.appropedia.org/Category:International_volunteer_opportunities be the volunteering page and https://www.appropedia.org/Employment_and_volunteering_in_international_development be the employment page. --David.reber 14:01, 9 May 2008 (PDT)

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