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Part of STARS - Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment

The quiz questions are copied and adapted from Annex 6.2 in Training of health staff in VIA, HPV detection test and cryotherapy - Facilitators' guide. New Delhi: World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia; 2017. Licence: CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 IGO. The World Health Organization (WHO) is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any translation. The original English edition shall be the binding and authentic edition.

1 HPV test is useful because:

It can detect other sexually transmitted infections
Test positive women can be given antibiotics to treat the infection
Results are available instantly
Can efficiently detect high grade cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancers

2 HPV testing is not recommended in women less than 30 years of age because:

HPV test is painful for young women
High prevalence of transient HPV infection at this age
HPV cannot be reliably tested in young women
Cervical premalignancies and cancers in young women are not caused by HPV

3 At what temperature, should samples for HPV detection tests be stored immediately after collection?

Room temperature
4 °C
-20 °C
-8 °C

4 What is the cut-off level for a positive HPV test done by Hybrid Capture 2 method?

1 pg/ml
5 pg/ml
10 pg/ml
12 pg/ml

5 During cervical sample collection for HPV testing, which of the following statements is true?

Lubricate the speculum with lubricant jelly
Insert the brush completely into the endocervical canal
Rotate the brush in clockwise direction
Rotate the brush 8–10 times to collect the sample

6 Following are the principles of VIA, except:

3% to 5% acetic acid causes coagulation of proteins on the surface epithelium that appear as a white patch
Normal cervical epithelium does not become white as it contains very little protein to be coagulated by acetic acid
It requires anaesthesia
Higher the grade of cervical pre-cancer, denser is the intensity of the white patch

7 During counselling prior to VIA, the client should be told about all, except:

Importance of VIA testing
Available treatment options if VIA turns out to be positive
Risk factors for cervical cancer
Possibility of missing invasive cancer on VIA

8 The following equipment and supplies are needed for VIA, except:

Diluted to 10%
Freshly prepared
Glacial acetic acid

9 Abnormal changes of the cervix, such as dysplasia, almost always develop in the:

Transformation zone
Cervical os

10 To conduct VIA, after applying 3–5% acetic acid to the cervix, the provider needs to wait for acetowhitening to appear after:

1 second
1 minute
1 hour
None of the above

11 The following is a true statement about the transformation zone:

Often invisible during pregnancy
Easily visible on the ectocervix in menopausal women
Nabothian cysts are features of a normal transformation zone
Position of crypt openings help to identify the inner limit of transformation zone

12 VIA negative means:

Transparent or faint patchy acetowhite areas without definite margins
Nabothian cysts becoming acetowhite
Faint line like lace to whitening at the junction of the columnar and squamous epithelium
All of the above

13 Following VIA testing, if the result is negative:

Let the woman know that she is free from cervical cancer lifelong
Advise the woman to have a HPV test if she can afford it
The woman need not be informed about the test results
Advise the woman to have VIA after 3–5 years depending on the programme recommendations

14 Woman is eligible for thermal ablation if:

Entire lesion is visible on the ectocervix are occupies less than 3 quadrants
Lesion occupies 90% of TZ
Extension on to vaginal wall
Suspicion of invasive cancer

15 All the statements about thermal ablation are true, except:

Ablative technique
Causes thermal destruction of tissue at 100–1200 °C
Multiple applications to cover a large lesion can be done
Requires anaesthesia

16 One treatment cycle using the Liger Medical HTU-110 Thermocoagulator lasts for:

10 seconds
20 seconds
8 seconds
5 seconds

17 How many overlapping treatment cycles can be performed at once?

One cycle only for 20 seconds
Two cycles, 20 seconds each
One to five overlapping applications of 45 seconds each so as to treat the entire TZ including the lesion on the ectocervix
Up to Three overlapping cycles

18 Which of the following is a false statement about post-thermal ablation advice?

Complete abstinence for 4 weeks
Report immediately if light bleeding occurs
Use sanitary napkins for a few days after treatment
Report if purulent vaginal discharge occurs

19 When should a VIA positive woman undergoing thermal ablation have repeat screening?

At 1 year
At 2 years
At 3 years
At 5 years

20 If the woman has heavy bleeding post-thermal ablation, advise:

Maintain sexual relations
Use vaginal tampons/douches
Follow-up after 4 weeks
Report immediately

21 Sterilization destroys:

Bacterial endospores
All of the above

22 After using the speculum, it should be decontaminated for 10 minutes by soaking in:

1.0% Savlon solution
0.5% chlorhexidine gluconate solution
0.5% chlorine solution
70% ethyl alcohol solution

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