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Carbon offsets in the Australian market:

Standards[edit | edit source]

NCOS is the Australian Government's "National Carbon Offset Standard".[1]

Internationally, the Gold Standard Foundation has significant support, describing itself as "A best practice methodology and a high quality carbon credit label for both Kyoto and voluntary markets".

Airlines[edit | edit source]

The Qantas group and other airlines offer carbon credits to customers booking flights online, but the percentage taking up the offer is very small.

An analysis from 2008 suggested that less than 1% of Qantas passengers paid the offset, with figures for Virgin Blue suspected to be around the same, while 12% of Jetstar passengers paid.[1]

Resources for further research[edit | edit source]

The Australian Government has a page of useful links for the purchase of NCOS eligible offsets

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. Jetstar's carbon-offset program soars ahead, January 28, 2008, The Age.

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