The following instructions detail how to build the FOTD Carbon Footprint Wheel.

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Driftwood Post[edit | edit source]

Level out bottom. (Photo by Oliver Rogers)

Using a compound miter saw, cut the bottom and top of the driftwood post.

Mechanical sanding (Photo by Oliver Rogers)

Sand down the driftwood with a electric sander to remove most of the larger imperfections.

Sanding by hand with finer grit sandpaper(Photo by Oliver Rogers)

Using 150 grit sandpaper, sand down more of the minor imperfections in the wood to get it as smooth as possible.

Staining the wood (Photo by Oliver Rogers)

Apply stain to the driftwood, carefully following manufacturer's directions.

Drilling mounting holes (photo by Oliver Rogers)

Using an electric drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit, drill a hole in the bottom of the driftwood to mount the support post to the base. Using a level, drill another hole at the top to mount the wheel.

Bike Wheel[edit | edit source]

The bike wheel was taken from a donated bike and modified to fit our project. The spokes have been cut off and bent for the graphic inset.

Disassembling the bike. (Photo by Chase Bloom)

Disassemble the bicycle.

Disassembling the rim (Photo by Jake May)

Using a screwdriver and pliers, or wire cutters, take the spokes out from one side of the hub.

Wheel attached to the Post (Photo by Chase Bloom)

Fasten the modified bicycle wheel to the support post.

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