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Carbon Footprint Wheel Instructions

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The following instructions detail how to build the FOTD Carbon Footprint Wheel.

Driftwood Post[edit]

Prepare Driftwood Post
Level out bottom. (Photo by Oliver Rogers) Step 1: Using a compound miter saw, cut the bottom and top of the driftwood post.
Mechanical sanding (Photo by Oliver Rogers) Step 2: Sand down the driftwood with a electric sander to remove most of the larger imperfections.
Sanding by hand with finer grit sandpaper(Photo by Oliver Rogers) Step 3: Using 150 grit sandpaper, sand down more of the minor imperfections in the wood to get it as smooth as possible.
Staining the wood (Photo by Oliver Rogers) Step 4: Apply stain to the driftwood, carefully following manufacturer's directions.
Drilling mounting holes (photo by Oliver Rogers) Step 5: Using an electric drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit, drill a hole in the bottom of the driftwood to mount the support post to the base. Using a level, drill another hole at the top to mount the wheel.

Bike Wheel[edit]

The bike wheel was taken from a donated bike and modified to fit our project. The spokes have been cut off and bent for the graphic inset.

Bike Wheel
Disassembling the bike. (Photo by Chase Bloom) Step 1: Disassemble the bicycle.
Disassembling the rim (Photo by Jake May) Step 2: Using a screwdriver and pliers, or wire cutters, take the spokes out from one side of the hub.
Wheel attached to the Post (Photo by Chase Bloom) Step 3: Fasten the modified bicycle wheel to the support post.

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