CCAT Kitchenette Design Project[edit | edit source]

This is a conceptual design for a Kitchenette that is needed at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology. Because of the sustainable nature of CCAT[1], they wanted me to research and incorporate as many various sustainable materials and appliances as possible and find out how much they cost. Although I didn't quite give them the budget and list of materials they wanted, I did provide a nice solid model design that will help greatly with making the kitchenette dream into a reality. I do wish I had spent more time, however, researching materials, so that there would be more options to choose from for the next person to take over the project. Perhaps the next person can take that extra step and add that edge which will make a simple kitchenette be an extraordinary, sustainable modern piece of work. More than anything while working on this design, I learned about presentation. How we present appropriate technologies is going to make a huge difference in how they are perceived. SO here it goes.

NOTE: Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see more information.

The Kitchenette Model[edit | edit source]


This is an overhead view of the floor plan for CCAT. I used this as a base for the model so that it would be in context


The kitchenette in context


These types of countertops can be checked out at other countertop varieties are sold locally at


These sinks are awesome. 100% recycled aluminum. check it out at another alternative would be this design at


Induction Hot plates are very efficient. Perfect for a small kitchen.,default,pd.html


These are the best fridges ever! and made right here in Humboldt! whewey!


I did not get far enough in this project to research the different types and costs of lumber but I know that there is ecologically friendly lumber out there.


Bamboo grows fast and is a fine building material


Carpenter ready design. Somebody could theoretically start building this at any time.


Please look at the actual model which you may download below.

Take A Closer Look[edit | edit source]

For the model, I used Google Sketch up. download this totally awesome 3d modeling program free at:

Once you have downloaded sketch up, go to the 3d warehouse to download a model of the kitchenette:

Once you have opened the model, right click on the "scene 1" tab at the top left corner and click play and it will automatically take you through a tour of the model. Also free to check out different views and dimensions.

NOTE:this video is very poor quality and it is hard to read the descriptions

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

This design is a work in progress. Hopefully it will inspire a creative soul to take it to the next level. I am hoping that somebody can take this Kitchenette rough draft and use it as a base to create a true piece of art and ecological functionality that may or may not even resemble this design. If that sounds good to you, make sure to contact me and of course CCAT so we can help you move forward on this exciting, sustainable, project.

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