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Bullying[edit | edit source]

Bullying has always been a part of society. With the inception of the internet, it was only a matter of time until bullies found their way on to this new and opportunistic medium. We all know that Cyberbullying is part of bullying. We define

Cyberbullying[edit | edit source]

Cyberbullying as a threat to all people, using harsh words through social media. Not only in social media but also in forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. According to Bill Belsey (2010), cyber bullying is defined as bullying that “involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group that is intended to harm others. In some situations, cyberbullying is considered harassment. Intimidation or mean comments that focus on things like a person's gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or physical differences fall into this category. Whether it's done in person or online, this counts as discrimination and is against the law in many states. That means the police could get involved, and bullies may face serious penalties (New, 2014). Example of Cyberbullying is posting embarrassing information about someone on the internet, such as saying something about someone on Facebook, or putting an embarrassing picture. There are also times cyber bullies post personal information about their victim, such as address, phone number, etc., while pretending to be the victim, and post information about them that would defame or embarrass them.

Reasons[edit | edit source]

I wonder why bullies want to do it. There are many reasons why they want to do it. Sometimes, what seems like online harassment may be accidental. The impersonal nature of text messages, posts, and other ways of communicating online means it can be hard to figure out if someone is joking or not. Most people know when they're being bullied, though, because bullying involves repeated insults or threats. The people doing the bullying know they've crossed a line, too. It's not a one-off joke or insult. Its constant harassment and threats that go beyond typical fun teasing or a nasty comment made in anger.

Problem[edit | edit source]

Like all forms of bullying, cyberbullying causes psychological, emotional and physical stress. Each person’s response to being bullied is unique, but research has shown some general tendencies. According to FundForCivility (2017), cyberbullying can cause the victims feelings of sadness and loneliness, their changes in sleep and eating patterns, loss of interest in activities and more health complaints. With all this causes, they may miss, or skip or even drop out to school, receive a poor grades, they have lower self-esteem and they also use alcohol and drugs

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Mostly people who said that they are bullied at the age of 18+, which has 53%, and 17 and below, which has 47%. Female has the highest rate who said that they are bullied, which has 57%, while male has only 43%. According to the Cyberbullying Statistics suggests that girls are more susceptible to cyberbullying, is no respecter of age. Filipino cyber bullies appear to be creative since more than words, they use photo shopped images to hurt their victims. Others use supposed private videos as means to harass their victims. Identity theft also plays a big role on cyber harassment. The bullies mostly uses the attack on their victim’s reputation, then victim’s appearance and lastly victim’s opinion. The bullies mostly do spreading the photo shopped image of the victim through social media, spreading videos that re supposedly private and spreading lies about the victim. Then bullies mostly uses in Facebook, which it has the highest rate of people that have an account, Cellphone, which it can send a message through phone, and Blogs, which they can type whatever they want. They share it from their friends, parents and siblings. Mostly they bully one person, which has 79%, than a group, which has a 21%.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Bullying can lead to thoughts about suicide, sometimes persisting into adulthood. In one study, adults who were bullied as youth were three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts or inclinations. We could think about that what we can do to stop bullying in schools and in the areas. People, mainly teenagers, have trouble with cyberbullying and find it hard to communicate with others about the problem they are facing. This advocacy shows that cyberbullying needed to be stopped. People are getting hurt and lives are being lost, they are also suffering long term effects such as depression and anxiety. It is more common in girls to be cyber-bullied then it is in guys and it is more common that girls cyber-bully more than boys.

Suggestion and Conclusion[edit | edit source]

So that I would suggest for the Cyberbullying is to help this problem we have decided to either make the bullies informed about what they are doing by setting up a website that people can upload their screenshots of a cyber-bully so we can trace the culprit and make that person stop, the down side is that people can get more hate by this. But according to the cyberbullyinghcc is that their suggest is to Create a website that fames people for being supportive to one another and for bullies themselves to read and get the idea that it makes people’s lives better. Same steps as the Informing bullies but only screen shot those who are supporting others, whether in a game or on social networking. Their suggestion would be the faming website for the bullies so it can promote the bullies to be more positive towards others and to put a smile on everyone’s face. These kinds of suggestion can make the citizens know how to stop the Cyberbullying. “Being a bully on the internet is a sign of insecurity and weakness” by Rev Run. Stop the bully and make friends that would be the world we will living for.

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