Air leakage can contribute to large amounts of energy waste within a building. Conditioned air may be lost, increasing the load on the chiller/boiler unit. Often, small preventative measures can be taken which are cheap and ease to implement and greatly reduce air loss.

General Data[edit | edit source]

Doors and Entrance Ways

  • Door seals (condition, existence)
  • Door closers (existence, condition)
  • Door Type (construction, age, condition, number)
  • Building pressure differential <-
  • Local wind conditions (vestibule usage) <-
  • Average pedestrian traffic <-
  • Abandoned doors (usage prevention, number)

Industrial Doors

  • Door seals (condition, existence)
  • Door Type (construction, age, condition, number, size, insulation)
  • Powered door operator (control, design, operator linkage)
  • Loading docks (inter-vehicle/building seals)

Discussion[View | Edit]

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