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Inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of Toloka, which symbolizes solidarity through hands-on aid, German and Ukrainian teams, with support from GIZ, launched the Tolocar project amid the Russian invasion. This initiative aims to aid emergency relief and foster a participatory innovation ecosystem for Ukraine's socio-economic revival.

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We help people and organizations produce and make available quality documentation on sustainability, poverty reduction and appropriate technologies.

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  • Accessibility — We strive to make content in Appropedia available to everyone. Appropedia can be accessed offline via Kiwix as well as plain prints and books, can be easily read aloud for visually-impaired (or busy) people, translated to many languages, accessed via APIs, and more!
  • No overhead — Start documenting right away without having to worry about developers, domains, hosting, setup, configuration or maintenance.
  • Resilience — Keeping content online is much more difficult than most people realize. According to various studies, most links break after only two or three years. Appropedia not only hosts content about sustainability, but is determined to be sustainable itself! We've been online for 17 years and counting!
  • Strong SEO — Take advantage of our many years online and hundreds of thousands of backlinks to see your content rise to the top of search results in no time.
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