A beverage or drink, is a liquid which is specifically prepared for human consumption. In addition to fulfilling a basic need, drinks form part of the local human culture. The term "beverage" specifically refers to fruit juice, hot drinks, soft drinks, low-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, ...

Plants used for beverages[edit | edit source]

Several native crops can be used to make refreshing drinks. Coffee and tea are the most popular beverages drunk worldwide. At Native crops by region, the native regions on where these can be grown are marked on the map, ... are also listed). They can be drunk at other locations as well yet should then be imported there (the same goes for any other crop used to make beverages as well). In order to give some ideas on what beverage/crop is best drunk/grown per location, some crops are listed below. Keep in mind that some of these may have a mild relaxing effect or may be a stimulant (similar to coffee).

Crops for soft drinks (not listed at the article mentioned above) are: catmint, gotu kola; sassafras albidum, turnera diffusa, guarana, galangal, morinda citrifolia passiflora incarnata, kola nut, ephedra, ...

Alcoholic beverages can also be made. They can be made using crops rich in carbohydrates (ie grains, sweeteners, ...), see "Native crops by region". They can also be made using fruit, see this map or even from honey made using local honeybees.

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