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Safe bench vice tool[edit | edit source]

Fig. 1: Common safe bench vice tool.  

Unsafe bench vice tool[edit | edit source]

Millions of poorly designed bench vice tools are sold all over the world.

Problem 1: If people turn the handle, their fingers can get trapped between the handle and the [movable claw part]. The distance between the handle and movable claw part must be greater than the thickness of an adult human finger.

Problem 2: If people open the movable claw part all the way out, it can fall out, causing injury due to its weight.

Fig. 2: Finger stuck in bench vice tool.  
Fig. 3: Unsafe bench vice tool.  

Make a bench vice tool safer[edit | edit source]

Tools you will need:

  • Paint

To make the front of the movable claw part flat, you will need to do the following:

1. File off the bump.

2. File the edges and corners of the front face.

3. Paint the front claw part.

4. Weld a spot on the movable claw part so it cannot fall off.

Fig. 4: Common unsafe bench vice tool.  
Fig. 5: Bench vice tool "before."  
Fig. 6: Bench vice tool "after."  

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