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Published 2021
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This is a test quiz on how to play the bassoon.

1 What is a bassoon?

A type of car
A double-reed instrument
A type of primate
A cousin of the unicorn.

2 How do I allow the user to choose several correct answers?

The correct answer.
Wrong or misleading answer.
Another correct answer.
Wrong or misleading answer.
As many extra wrong answers as you would like

3 Can I use either the round or the square brackets for a True/False question?


4 Can I have the user type an answer in to a field?

It turns out that

you can, but the answers are case sensitive and specific, so you need to include all the variants you would accept, and the spaces before and after the answer choices inside the brackets are important

5 What happens after I click "Submit"?

The quiz is graded
Nothing (incorrect answer, but try it)

6 These aren't enough! Can I make tabular quizzes, add images/videos and otherwise make really sophisticated quizzes? (Check all that apply)

Examples on the most common types are given here: more quiz examples
If you really want to go deep there are many options the full quiz help site