BILTONG BILTONG PRODUCTION Biltong is a dried meat snackfood, popular in southern Africa. It is made using the following procedure: 1 Prepare a brine mixture according to the following recipe (for 100kg of fresh meat-brine mixture i.e. 1 weeks production). Salt 3.74kg Sugar 1.87kg Potassium nitoate 0.02kg Biltong spice mixture 0.37kg Mixed spice 0.21kg Black pepper 0.10kg Onion powder 0.03kg Garlic powder 0.03kg Ground ginger 0.03kg Mustard powder 0.03kg Potassium sorbate 0.20k g 2 Select beef from hindquarter and cut into strands along the muscle fibres. Cut across the muscle fibres to produce 2cm pieces. Discard all fat and connective tissue. 3 Wash the meat and weigh. 4 Rub the brine mixture into 93.4kg meat and leave it to stand for 12 hours. 5 Hang the meat in the sun under insect netting. 6 Dry until the meat reaches 25% of the original weight. 7 Package in polythene or preferably cellulose bags.

Equipment required[edit | edit source]

Scales (0-10kg) Scales (0-1kg) Knives Cutting boards Heat sealer Plastic or stainless steel buckets Insect netting

Equipment suppliers[edit | edit source]

Note: This is a selective list of suppliers and does not imply ITDG endorsement.

Scales[edit | edit source]

Avery Denison Limited 18-20 Regents Street Leeds LS2 7QE United Kingdom

Heat sealer[edit | edit source]

Gallenkamp Limited Bishops Meadow Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 0RG United Kingdom Biltong References and Further Reading

Small-scale Manufacture of Beef Biltong in Botswana[edit | edit source]

, The Botswana Technology Centre, 1987

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