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The technology of the Air Decohesion Processor (ADP) is based on cold plasma, high alternating fields and are applied to decontaminate air form infectious viruses and bacteria. The ADP converts undesirable molecules in effluent gases.

The Askair air processing system consists of the ADP and an AC power supply unit that delivers the high voltage current to the reaction chambers. It can be equipped with a continuous monitoring system with sensor technology that monitors the functionality, performance and the air quality in the room.

How it works[edit | edit source]

The reaction chambers are equipped with electrodes releasing electrons, which are accelerated by an electric field. On collision, the electrons ionise the gas molecules, which lead to the release of new electron emissions. These then create new ions and electrons, and ultimately generate a plasma in the chamber. In the plasma, molecular structures are destabilised and cracked by interaction with radicals and ions in the plasma.

The askair technology employs a proprietary architecture, which combines chambers of gas discharge, corona plasma and electromagnetic effects to destroy airborne microorganisms almost instantaneously at a high speed of air flow without creating harmful residues and with no side-effects.

A contaminated air flow passed through the processor is purified by breaking airborne particles into smaller sizes thereby destroying living microorganism. The particles are destroyed by exposing them to "cold plasma" (= below 12′000 °C), which is generated with an electrical discharge in two reaction chambers within the device. In the cold plasma, electrons and ions are generated and accelerated by an electric field.

The device consumes very low electricity power (3-6W), has no moving parts and maintenance costs is negligible.

Application[edit | edit source]

In all confined spaces and environments, the ADP can be installed in existing air condition devices. By reusing and cleaning the cooled/heated air, the energy consumption from the installation can be significantly reduced.

This device can serve where many people come together (as airports, townhalls, churches) or a very clean air is required (as hospitals, animal farms).

Your Contribution[edit | edit source]

We are looking for enterprises that would like to use this technology to build their own application or to continue developping the principals. You can also provide services and build your own company. More technologies are about to emerge.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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