Inefficient lighting systems present a number of problems. Considerable energy waste is common, along with improper lighting conditions, which causes users to perpetuate the inefficiency problem through poor operational practices.

General Data[edit | edit source]

General Information

  • Illuminated Area <-
  • Required illumination level (delamping potential) <-
  • Maintenance and installation costs
  • Local electricity costs (demand charges)
  • Lamp types
  • Lamp life and temperature ratings
  • Lamp end-life (lumen loss - type specific)
  • Switching frequency <-
  • Task lighting
  • Exit signs (incandescent, fluorescent, LED)
  • Dimmers (existence, number, type)
  • Exterior lighting (existence, requirements, lamp types)
  • Reflectivity of spaces (paints/coatings)

Incandescent Lighting

  • Incandescent lamps (wattage, surface finish, number)
  • Fixture labeling (correct wattage)
  • Incandescent fixtures (accommodation of fluorescents, size, number, light absorption, light distribution, reflective inserts)

Fluorescent Lighting

  • Screw-in fluorescent lamps (existence, wattage)
  • Tungsten halogen lamps (existence, wattage)
  • Fluorescent fixtures (existence, number)
  • Fluorescent dimming equipment (existence, light level control)
  • Fluorescent lamps (age, manufacturer, wattage)
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (number, integral ballast, wattage)

Fixture Ballasts

  • Dummy lamps (existence)
  • Ballast factor
  • Crest factor (if available)
  • Type (electric, magnetic)
  • Current rating
  • Tube support (number)
  • Filament connection
  • Starting method
  • Starting voltage
  • Frequency of power supplied by ballast
  • Dimming provisions
  • Filament switching

HID Lighting

  • HID fixtures (existence, number, lamp, compatibility)
  • Lamp type (wattage, efficiency, mercury vapour, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, low-pressure sodium)
  • HID dimming (existence)
  • HID ballasts (power factor, crest factor, lamp support)
  • HID space (occupancy frequency, size, temperature)

Manual Lighting Control

  • Placards (existence, information)
  • Personal duties
  • Switches (off-position is down)
  • Rheostat dimmers (existence, replaceable)
  • Telltale lights (existence)

Automatic Lighting Controls

  • Timeclocks (existence)
  • Daylighting (synergy with controls, astronomic timeclocks, photo-controls)
  • Exterior lighting (photo-controls)
  • Sensors (type, location, orientation, number, "on" and "off" functionality)
    • Sensor types:
    • photo-sensros
    • personnel sensors
    • timed functionality
  • Door switches (existence)

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