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Composting is quintessential for recycling nutrients back into the soil and improving fertility to growing plants. Composting is beneficial for plant growth and the soil, but one problem with compositing is that it takes a very long time to break down organic matter. If we introduce worms to the compost then the decomposition process will get sped up and also increase fertility hand over fist. Due to the worms breaking down the green waste.

Llyod's Mission statement[edit | edit source]

Producing premium Vermicasting and Soil Amendments from local, sustainable sources. Llyod started to make composting in 2009.

General Information[edit | edit source]

We are dedicated to providing castings and high-quality organic soil amendments to Humboldt County and surrounding areas.

The Arcata Farmers Market produces a large amount of waste from food and produces vendors, most of which can compost or recycled. In an attempt to make the farmers market have a zero-waste goal.

Ongoing Processes[edit | edit source]

  • Outreach to Volunteers,
  • Community Involvement/Support,
  • Education,
  • Encouragement,
  • Product Elimination,
  • Expansion to other Humboldt County markets,
  • Peer Pressure & Incentives

Daily NGCA Market Operations[edit | edit source]

  1. The compostable material is discarded into 5-gallon buckets located around the Arcata square.
  2. The buckets are emptied into 55-gallon trash cans and transported to Lloyd's worm farm.
  3. The compost is dumped into the first pile of a three pile system.

[9:00 AM][edit | edit source]

  • Set up the buckets and signs for the day. Gather 8 green compost buckets and 8 blue recycle buckets from the farmers' market truck as well as 8 recycle signs, 8 compost signs, and 8 landfill signs.
  • Place compost/ recycle bucket pairs at each corner of the Plaza next to the trash cans, upon the planter, with the signs behind them and the trash can.
  • Place the other 4 bucket pairs in the center of the Plaza next to those 4 trash cans, upon the planters, with signs behind them.

[12:00 PM][edit | edit source]

  • Check the buckets and signs. Take a look at each compost and recycle bucket to be sure they aren't overflowing. Push down on full compost buckets or empty and refresh them.
  • Full recycle buckets can be dumped into the main recycle bin in the center of the Plaza facing the band. Check on the signs and re-stake them as needed.
  • Optional: If you are up for it, you may see easy to grab compostable items in the trash cans that can be picked out and put in the compost.

[1:30 PM][edit | edit source]

  • Find a parking spot near the Info Booth to cone-off for The Worm Guy's truck.
  • End-of-the-day Collection. Gather all of the recycle bins and dump them in the main recycle bin in the center of the Plaza.
  • Gather all of the compost bins and move them to a spot out of the way, near the Info Booth. Sort the compost according to directions from The Worm Guy. Gather all the signs as well.

[2:10 PM][edit | edit source]

  • Meet Lloyd (aka The Work Guy) or his partner Stacey on the NW corner of the Plaza near the info booth with all of the presorted compost buckets.
  • Next, give all of the buckets a quick rinse with the hose located in the planter box on the SW corner of the Plaza in front of the Arcata Exchange. Turn the hose on slowly- it will get yah!
  • Turn the hose on slowly- it will get yah! Remove the "water key" and hand it to an NCGA staff member at the info booth. Place the rinsed buckets back in the farmers' market truck.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Teaching people what can be put into the compost is pivotal for success.

  • Distinguishing organic matter from recyclable matter
  • Creating clear signage is needed for this system to function properly.
  • Separation of all trash and recycling will help to have healthy compost.

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