Towards the end of 1999, Research Information Ltd was pleased to acquire the prestigious publication Appropriate Technology from Intermediate Technology Publications. We incorporated our existing publication, International Agricultural Development, into Appropriate Technology commencing with the first issue of 2000, with the intention of more fully reflecting the part that agriculture plays in the developing world.

Since then, and with the addition of gate technology material and a massive increase in the number of pages, we believe that subscribers to all three magazines are now receiving the best of everything. You can see the contents pages from the past two volumes above, and/or download a sample copy to see for yourself why everyone is reading Appropriate Technology

Appropriate Technology is edited by the former editor of International Agricultural Development, David Dixon -- the well known farming journalist and BBC broadcaster.

This information was taken from the following web page on 23 Nov 2006:

Note: some of the Technical Briefs published by Practical Action were originally published in Appropriate Technology magazine. In particular, Batteries and Dry Stone Causeways were previously published in AT.

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