Appropedia has a very broad scope, allowing collaboration across a range of related disciplines, between related communities, and creating a site with a large and active community of editors. It covers technology and practices in all aspects of sustainability and international development.

A central theme is that of "appropriateness". Building on the theme of appropriate technology, Appropedia covers all aspects of appropriate development and appropriate design, meaning practices and technologies that are fitting to the time and place. This means a broad focus on international development, sustainability - a logical combination due to the large amount of overlap and synergy between these topics.

In terms of content type, again the scope is very broad. Appropedia is different from Wikipedia, in that it extends beyond an encyclopedia article on a given topic, to include much more detailed topical information as well as project information, original research, how-tos, networking and other material not suitable for Wikipedia.

Appropedia can be called many things, according to your need: a green wiki, an appropriate technology wiki, a permaculture wiki, a renewable energy wiki, a solar wiki, a "Bright Green Wiki" (taking up's challenge), a humanitarian/international development/open development wiki, and a "WinWinWiki" - an open site for stakeholders to come together to find, create and improve scalable and adaptable solutions.

Join us - in a big or small way. Share your knowledge, tell your friends, and make a difference.

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