These are the very highest priorities for work on Appropedia, in rough order.

If you can help with any of these, please leave a note on the talk page here, or on the talk page of one of the active admins (Lonny, Chris or Curt), or at the "Village Pump discussion area. You can also follow the links provided and just dive in - but if you get in touch we'll support you in your effort.

There are many tasks needed to help Appropedia become a world-changing resource.

Some of the key site tasks that anyone can help with are:

  • Finding new, good quality content for Appropedia - see Appropedia:Finding content
  • Porting content that we have permission to use - converting to MediaWiki format, adding attribution, and tidying up. (You may want to help out with one step, or do the whole process.) See Appropedia:Porting pages.
  • If you have technical skills, you may wish to help with:

And of course, it's always good to:

  • Share your own knowledge and experiences on the site (what worked and/or what didn't work).
  • Let people know about Appropedia. Think who you know that would benefit from knowing about this resource, or be able to contribute to it. Academics who might use it in service learning, someone who build a great piece of appropriate technology, someone with a lot of knowledge, or someone looking for green info.

There are many priorities - these are a select few. Only add or remove items here by consensus or after discussion with an admin.

Please add other priorities to Appropedia:How you can help in the appropriate section.

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