This is for repetitive tasks that cannot be performed by a bot. (Of course if something can be made into a bot task, that will generally save work and allow the task to be performed more completely and regularly.)

(People that perform useful repetitive tasks are sometimes called "WikiGnomes".)

Suggested tasks[edit | edit source]

Shortcuts for Appropedia namespace pages[edit | edit source]

E.g. Appropedia:AT links to Appropedia:Admin tasks.

Shortcuts are handy for discussions about the project, as explanatory links in edit summaries,W and using the search box, to save typing. They can also be easier to remember sometimes, if one can't remember the exact page name.

Lowercase letters were used initially as they're easier to type. However, Wikipedia uses upper case, and lower case is harder to read. Suggestions:

Current Work[edit | edit source]

Completed tasks[edit | edit source]

See also Appropedia:Admin tasks#Completed tasks

See also[edit | edit source]

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