This page is under construction. If you'd like to begin a mini internship, leave a message at User talk:Chriswaterguy.

An Appropedia mini internship is an introduction to Appropedia and the Appropedia internship program. The internships are open to all, anywhere in the world. You can work online, and will have the support of our internship team.

It involves a small discrete task carried out over a short time, generally 2-3 weeks and 4-5 hrs work. If completed, it leads to further opportunities as an Appropedia intern.

Program[edit | edit source]

Below are initial ideas for mini internships.

Content interns: one article, 2 weeks, suggested 4-5 hrs work. 'May be your own work which you have done previously, adapted to be a good wiki page, with wikilinks and carefully selected resources for the "External links" section.' See Appropedia:Content internships/Mini for details.

Communications interns: We're still looking at ideas for this. An internship might consist of one of these:

  • Create a page, as for the content interns, choosing a topic that's in the news can be an appropriate choice) or
  • One blog post or landing page, or
  • Promoting a page across multiple social networks.
  • Combo: Create a stub on a topic where there are active users on Appropedia; solicit additions to the page; promote the page through social media.
  • The aim is to highlight a particular area of Appropedia's work, e.g. solar energy projects, or composting topics, with an engaging style.

Community interns:

  • Get to know the wiki by creating an article our blog, as with the content internship, above. Choose an area that's already popular.
  • Medium task: welcome new users, and reply to or start threads in the forum [once we have a forum]. 3 hours on each, for 6 hrs total.

Tech interns:

  • Mini internship: Install an extension on Dev. (We're working out the details here. Some extensions are easy, some are complex, so the idea is to spend up to 5-6 hours, and report on the status of the installation - whether it works, whether any conflicts were noted, and whether any extra steps were needed.)
  • Medium task: Includes installing Pywikipediabot and running a categorization command and a wikilinking bot command.

Next stages[edit | edit source]

See Appropedia:Internships/Stages for information about the next stages of a full Appropedia internship.

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