Note - this should perhaps be changed to a charter or pledge. Details can be discussed further on the talk page and at the upcoming OSNCamp 2008.

Protocol[edit | edit source]

After a signed MOU has been obtained then insert

{{OSN Member}}

on the Organization page for the group in Appropedia. This will tag them as an organization while also adding them to Category:OSN member organizations.

If one has not been created already - create it - being sure to

  1. include the organization in all the appropriate categories and
  2. do a search and hyperlink for all mentions of the organization already in Appropedia.

OSN MOU Language[edit | edit source]

Appropedia and XXX agree that they are members of the Open Sustainability Network (OSN) and agree to jointly support the OSN mission.

What is OSN?

OSN is a community-owned group of like-minded organizations and individuals that support the OSN mission.

The OSN Mission To overcome the barriers to large scale, inclusive collaborative problem solving and open information sharing in the area of sustainability.

More information

For the time being, OSN activity and coordination is being handled online using wiki pages at As of the establishment of this understanding, OSN is in an early stage of development. Specific commitments related to OSN are deliberately modest at this time. As OSN develops, OSN commitments will be subject to revision through OSN activities and governance. All OSN activities and governance events will be communicated to all members well in advance. New commitment levels that are consistent with the scope of the initial terms outlined in this MOU will be communicated to all OSN members. Acceptance of the revised terms will be assumed. Parties to this understanding can be assured that they are not making an open-ended commitment. To that end, agreement to new terms that are substantially beyond the scope of the initial terms will be assumed without signing on to a new MOU.

Termination of Understanding OSN members terminate their membership at any time by written notice, and this MOU can be terminated by either party upon written notice. Further, if there is no OSN related communication between the parties for any consecutive 12 month period, this understanding will automatically terminate.

OSN member commitments


  • Desire to support and adhering to openness in sustainability
  • Agreement to openly acknowledge support of OSN
  • Agreement allow the use of corporate name and logo when listing supporting partners

Strongly Desired

  • Join in promotion of OSN
    • Posting OSN link and logo where appropriate on own web site
    • Participating in joint press releases about OSN
    • Mention OSN (the concept as well as events) occasionally in blogs and newsletters
  • Participation
    • Identifying a primary organization contact person regarding OSN
    • Select organization representatives to attend OSN events, either physically or "virtually"
    • Select organization representatives to participate in phone conversations about OSN topics
    • Development or approval of OSN guiding principles
  • OSN Governance
    • Assistance in managing the affairs of OSN


  • Leading the coordination of occasional OSN events
  • Financial sponsorship for OSN

Note: the first official OSN event is scheduled for October 18, 2008 in San Francisco.

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