We've had a number of online Appropedia Jams, and some in person in Arcata.

For the time being, the online jams are not being held. If you'd like to organize and promote the jams, please leave a message at User talk:Chriswaterguy.

This is a monthly editing "jam" with internet chat - we get together online (and in person where possible) and edit articles, help each other out, ask and answer questions, and talk about Appropedia. As this is new, we may try out different chat tools, so check here for details each month. You can also join the Appropedia Working Group to help with planning.

Joining the channel[edit | edit source]

Easiest option for connecting to IRC: enter via the Freenode Web Chat. Enter a username and connect.

If you already have an IRC client (desktop app), connect to #appropedia on Freenode.net. See Appropedia:IRC for advanced options.

See Appropedia:IRC if you need more info or suggestions for clients to use. Www.meurantei.com

Details for future events[edit | edit source]

Face-to-face Appropedia Jams[edit | edit source]

See also[edit | edit source]

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