Why we run Appropedia Jams: these can be a fun and social way to get introduced to Appropedia, and help people overcome barriers to editing a wiki.

Preparation for an Appropedia Jam[edit | edit source]

  • Confirm the time - make sure some reasonably experienced Appropedians will be there.
  • Confirm a chat tool.
  • Set up the Etherpad beforehand - just tidy or empty it.

Announce[edit | edit source]

  • Mailing lists (especially our own: Appropedia:Discussion lists)
  • Social media (Twitter, FB, G+...) - especially through our own channels: Appropedia:Social media.
  • Appropedia:Village pump.
  • Try reaching out to new communities each time, choosing a theme for the edit jam - e.g. permaculture communities one month, then engineering students, then environmental science students. Order them so that subsequent months will be of interest to previous participants. Try academia, social networks, organizations and bloggers. Ideas for communities:

Text to use:

  • Quick version of timing (they can follow the link to get full details): DATE at 9pm GMT (Sunday afternoon in the Americas, evening in Europe, and Monday morning in Australia/NZ).

Face-to-face Appropedia Jams[edit | edit source]

  • Arrange a place with accessible wifi (or enough ethernet cables).
  • Start with some "definites" - people with a solid reason to be using Appropedia. E.g. students using Appropedia for writing up their assignments.
  • Make a page - e.g. Appropedia:Appropedia Jam/Arcata for jams in Arcata, California.
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