You can find Appropedians on IRCW at FreenodeW in the #appropedia channel.

IRC is an older protocol but very lightweight and it allows real time interaction. We like that!

A beginner's guide to IRC is a good primer. Be sure to see our policies and help below.

Monthly chat[edit | edit source]

Our monthly chat, on the second Sunday of the month, takes place online. It may take place on IRC, or somewhere else such as Google Hangouts. Check the Appropedia:Monthly chat page to confirm.

Recent changes channel[edit | edit source]

You can also join the #appropedia-rc channel on Freenode - this is for watching the links to the latest edits to Appropedia, posted in real time. It's not meant as a discussion channel.

Channel Guidelines[edit | edit source]

All Appropedia policy applies. In particular,

  • Be civil, cooperative and helpful - even if you strongly disagree with someone.
  • The Appropedia community is very friendly, but there may still be a time when we need to read the Freenode Channel Guidelines and remember to be for better understanding.
  • All the obvious stuff, no spam, and keep it family friendly as you never know when you're talking to a 12 year old.

Using IRC[edit | edit source]

There are many options, from easy to hard. The easiest will be the web option. Also easy, but with useful options for regular users, is Chatzilla (under #Browser, below).

Web[edit | edit source]

Easiest option but can put a load on some browsers and slower computers.

Browser[edit | edit source]

  • Chatzilla extension for Firefox and other Mozilla browsers. Some suggestions for setup options here (describes a different server and channel, but the same commands apply). The auto-identify option is recommended, especially if you plan to be on IRC regularly. (It's possible to run a standalone ChatZilla rather than as an extension, but that a bit more complex to set up.)
  • Opera includes IRC capability

Linux[edit | edit source]

  • xChat is a simple client
  • Heavier but easy options include Konversation and Pidgin
  • Irssi is extremely light and runs from the command line

Windows[edit | edit source]

  • Trillian and Pidgin let you use IRC and several other kinds of chat
  • Geekier versions include xChat and even the command line Irssi.

MacOS X[edit | edit source]

  • In MacOS X, Pidgin, xChat, colloquy, Adium and Irssi are available.

Appropedians[edit | edit source]

On IRC you can often find...

  • Chriswaterguy (talk · contribs) who has configured (Xchat) to always run and to beep when someone posts in the channel so there's a good chance he'll hear you if you say hi and he's online.
  • Jason Michael Smithson (talk · contribs) letting irssi idle on IRC on his behalf protected by screen behind an SSH connection via PuTTY to keep it safe from Windows. He'll notice and reply eventually.

Administration[edit | edit source]

  • The #appropedia channel is registered to Chriswaterguy
  • Guard is set, with command /msg chanserv set #appropedia guard on
  • Group Registration still needs to be done. We should probably wait until the new Group Management System is online (in development as of October 2010). Freenode's volunteers are currently swamped and it seems non-critical for us.
  • Freenode Philosophy includes "Community members benefit from better access to each other". Note the easy access to other projects within Freenode, generally with obvious names, e.g.
    • #mediawiki
    • #wikipedia
    • #php,
    • #olpc
    • #olpc-content
    • and other Primary Groups

Reference[edit | edit source]

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