Time for proposed monthly meeting[edit source]

The rationale... feel free to suggest other times. Most of our users are in the Americas, some in Australia & Europe - the time I've suggested sucks for Asia, but there's always one part of the world that's asleep.

Timezone: UTC (aka GMT) is the easiest reference point. We could use an American timezone, but then it can be quite confusing for others to keep up with changes for daylight saving.

Day: Sunday seems mostly good - even if it's not ideal for Australians (who might be on their way to work, being Monday morning).

Time: I've suggested: 10pm UTC: 2pm PST, and 8am (Monday) in Australia, AEST. That way it works for the Americas, Europeans, Africans, and for night owls or early birds in Asia.

Asian-friendly times (one day...): When we get bigger we can set up an Asian monthly chat - open to all, but with an Asian & Middle-Eastern focus and an Asia and & Middle-East friendly time. Say 12 noon UTC (afternoon or evening throughout Asia, 10pm AEST and 4 am PST - it's the US Pacific Coast who'd find that hard). In theory it would inconvenience less people to do it during the Pacific ocean nighttime - the biggest stretch of space with few people in it. But in practice that's very early for Californians and very late for Australians. --Chriswaterguy 03:52, 5 August 2012 (PDT)

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