Ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus)

The potato was introduced to the world from its native Peru several hundred years ago and quickly spread to all corners of the globe. These days its importance as a staple food crop cannot be overstated. There are several other tubers from the Andes region of South America that have a promising future, including the mashua, yacón, ulluco, and oca.

Mashua[edit | edit source]

Country Name/Nickname
Peru Mashua, mascho, añu
Bolivia Añu
Colombia Cubio
Various Mashwa, maswallo, mazuko, isano

Yacón[edit | edit source]

Ulluco[edit | edit source]

Country Name/Nickname
Peru Lisa, papa lisa,
Colombia Ulluco, chigua, chugua, ruba, melloco, olluco, camarones de tierra (ground shrimp)
Venezuela Rubia, ruba, mucuchi
Ecuador Melloco
Argentina Ulluma, olloco, ulluca
Bolivia Ulluco, papa lisa
Culture Name/Nickname
Aymara Ulluma, ulluco, ullucu
Quechua Ollucu, ulluco (Peru), ulluku (Peru), oca quina

Oca[edit | edit source]

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