This article describes the creating of a stove that also doubbles as an air heater. As the main stove, a rocket stove as the Lorena stove is foreseen. The stove is then fitted with a heat exchanger that connects to the hot water system (so the stove can foresee in hot water for the home and redirect the exhaust pipe to the ground (so any remaining carbon can be stored underground (see Carbon can then be transported to an enclosed, airtight cavity. Over the plot where the pipe is inserted trees can be planted to absorb any co² which could escape when the sealing becomes worn. In order to decrease costs, previous gas lines (eg if present in village; and houses) could be used and the pipes can then be run to a single outlet towards the storage cavity under the ground.

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

I have seen one such a (CCS-less) stove being created at an episode of "planet mechanics", called "heavy metal house". Please view this documentary from the BBC for more info (see

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