The air handling system provides a building with necessary ventilation and temperature comfort. They can be responsible for the distribution of both chilled and heated air. Used inefficiency, these systems can waste large amounts of energy.

General Equipment Data[edit | edit source]

  • Operating schedule (occupied hours/day)
  • Type (once-through, recirculation)
  • Controls (location, type, temperature setback, manual switch between heating/cooling)
  • Service Area (single zone, multi zone)
  • Temperature Sensors (location)
  • Air intake requirements (health/safety, pressure, stratification)
  • Average number of occupants
  • Humidification requirements
  • Damper operation (number, location, control/operation)
  • Air contaminant sensors (existence, location)
  • Air cleaning/filtering (existence, type)
  • Economizer cycle (cost of heating vs. cooling, control)
  • Exhaust heat recovery (type)
  • Local weather patterns
  • Coil heating (existence, type)
  • Fan motors (single speed, multi-speed)
  • Thermostat deadband

Room Conditioning Units[edit | edit source]

The room conditioning units include such devices as radiators and convectors. These devices may work in tandem with the main system, but usually they have individual controls.

General Information Required:

  • Existence of placards
  • Thermostats (timeclock, setback, general settings, location)
  • Turn-Off (manual, automatic, indicators)
  • Proximity sensors (location)


  • Maintenance schedule
  • Controls (condition, location)
  • Location (obstruction of heat transfer, air flow)
  • Convection Barriers (existence)
  • Fan Coil Units (existence, condition, 3-pipe or 2-pipe operation)
  • Fan Coil Motor (age, manufacturer)

Self-Contained Air Conditioners:

  • Cooling Capacity
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Wall Sealing Condition
  • Existence of electric heating elements
  • Cooling Towers (existence, operation)

Heat Pump:

  • Loop temperature (control, requirements)

Direct Fired Heating Units:

  • Maintenance schedule

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