Discuss the Rise and Fall Scenario of Agriculture Development in India

The world is witnessing fluctuations in terms of agricultural and farming land, this increases the demand of formatting agricultural cooperatives that ensure high supply of agricultural goods. India has been one of the most productive countries when it comes to agricultural products India. Rural India has shown a significance and steady increase in farming development to produce comparatively higher amount to meet the demand of rising nation. According to recent trends, onions are front-page news these days across newspapers in Delhi. Onion prices, along with those of several other vegetables, have been steadily rising. This clearly shows that there is an acute lack of government agricultural services and less access to advance technology. Hence, the current scenario indicates the vast inefficiencies across the agricultural supply chain in India.

Agriculture Development[edit | edit source]

India has much potential to attain increased agricultural production , despite a glut of seemingly pro-agriculture subsidies, policies and sops given to the agricultural community by successive governments, the outlook on India's farm economy remains anything but healthy. Prices rise when supply does not keep up with demand. Thousands of tons of grains are wasted because of lack of storage and transport facilities, even as farming remains a gritty battle of a profession. Noticeably, the multitude of state or central policies and short-term thinking has only made Indian agriculture unsustainable, although there was some good news in 2012 published in a local newspaper: India overtook Thailand as the world's largest rice exporter, and emerged as the world's top exporter of buffalo meat (known as carabeef in the global market).

IFFCO Associates[edit | edit source]

According to IFFCO associates, "The problem in most of the areas in rural India is that resources are there but their proper channelization is lacking." IFFCO is actively researching in the field of agricultural development, the corporation has over 50 million members in 40,000 member cooperatives, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) is one of the biggest agricultural cooperatives in the world, generating over $5 billion of turnover. Recently another article published in a magzine where Agricultural scientist Professor M S Swaminathan said, "unless a productivity-cum-quality revolution take place the apprehension voiced by experts about the India becoming a net importer of food grains in another 20-30 years cannot be ignored."

Rural India[edit | edit source]

Majorly agriculture in rural India is disturbed from policy inconsistency and backwardness of technology. On the other hand, the central government of India seems totally allergic to consistent agriculture policies. It seems out of the question to progress agriculture cooperatives in India, if the government changes every policy without giving the earlier policy a chance to show its possible impact, and benefit. There are an incredible number of dramatic policy shifts - look at the way we ban exports on sugar, the way we ban exports on cotton, or how we create a futures exchange, then ban half the items listed on the future list when global prices go up.

Save the Soil[edit | edit source]

IFFCO has raised a campaign named as "Save the Soil Campaign / BHOOMI BACHAO ABHIYAN", to contribute to rural agriculture land in India. The objective is to rejuvenation the fertile properties of soil by executing Fertiliser Subsidy Policy and it helps farmers in attaining agriculture information to increase production gradually. Results of this project are encouraging as crop productivity of the area has gone up by about 20-24% and farmers are getting benefits through various interventions.

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