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Bibliographic Information:

Dickson, M. (1983). Where there is no dentist . Palo Alto, CA: Hesperian Foundation.

Chapter list

   * Front matter: Cover, Thanks, Table of Contents, Introduction
   * Chapter 1: Your Own Teeth and Gums
   * Chapter 2: Teaching Family and Friends in Your Community
   * Chapter 3: Teaching Children At School
   * Chapter 4: School Activities for Learning about Teeth and Gums
   * Chapter 5: Taking Care of Teeth and Gums
   * Chapter 6: Examination and Diagnosis
   * Chapter 7: Treating Some Common Problems
   * Chapter 8: Scaling Teeth
   * Chapter 9: Injecting Inside the Mouth
   * Chapter 10: Cement Fillings
   * Chapter 11: Taking Out a Tooth
   * Chapter 12: HIV/AIDS and Care of the Teeth and Gums
   * Back Matter: Appendices, Vocabulary, Index
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