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Lisa Crofoot

Hi. Please feel free to drop me a line
Solar cellt.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Photovoltaics.

Queen's University Mechanical Engineering Student[edit]

Candidate for Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering, Queen's University 2010

Current Courses[edit]

I am currently enrolled in:

  • Mech425 - Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • Mech439 - Turbomachinery
  • Mech461 - Research Project
  • GPHY101 - Human Geography
  • APSC221 - Engineering Economics

Current Projects[edit]


The Queen's Solar Design Team is a multidisciplinary, student run team, that aims to advance the use of solar technologies through education and innovation. The team has a twenty year history in solar vehicle design but has recently transitioned to focus on low energy solar building design. The short term goal is to compete in the Solar Decathlon. I have helped to transition the team, and worked extensively on the 2011 Solar Decathlon proposal (described below).

Solar Decathlon 2011[edit]

Queen's and Carleton University have collaborated to submit a proposal to the 2011 Solar Decathlon. This design competition challenges students to design and build a net-surplus energy solar powered home. I have been involved in the proposal preparation and submittal and continue to work with the team to develop the conceptual design.

Official Solar Decathlon Site

Queen's Solar Design Team Site

MECH 460/461[edit]

For my fourth year design project I developed a conceptual design for a small scale, solar driven, liquid desiccant air conditioning system. I am continuing to work further on the project by prototyping and testing a similar system as a research project in MECH 461.


  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Engineering Design
  • Low Energy Housing
  • Education
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Human Geography
  • Integrated Design