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This category contains lab protocols for the Michigan-Tech Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) Research Group.

A note on safety: MOST researchers never do anything you feel is unsafe. If any experiment makes you even remotely uncomfortable go to talk to Dr. Pearce about it immediately.
Open Source Research

Naming convention[edit]

  • List the title of your protocol then :MOST (not MOST first- so things are easy to find in this category) - First word is capitalized but all others are lower cased.

Useful software[edit]

Facilities at MTU[edit]

Purchasing stuff in MSE[edit]

Outreach after[edit]

MOST equipment[edit]

  • Calibrated light source -- Ocean Optics DH-2000-CAL. It is a UV-VIS-NIR light source with two lamps, a deuterium and a halogen lamp..
  • Several Ocean Optics portable spectrometers covering UV to NIR -- all of which are usb digital with the full software licenses.
    • Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer w/ Software (175-502nm 25uM slit)
    • Ocean Optics USB4000 spectrometer with a 300nm to 1000nm range.
    • NIRQuest 512-2.5 -- 900 – 2500 nm.
  • A collection of open-source spectrometers from Public Lab (400-700nm) and Spectruino (380-750nm).

Research Data Repository Approaches[edit]


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