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User talk:Pangaia/My musings on Economic value

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Revision as of 22:27, 4 January 2020 by Lonny (talk | Contributions) (Lonny moved page Talk:Economic value to User talk:Pangaia/My musings on Economic value without leaving a redirect: This is the only way I can think to keep your personal feelings on this topic still on Appropedia. My preference would be that it is just deleted. )
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Hi User:Pangaia

Thanks for your work and contributions. Most encyclopedic pages like this are better to just have on Wikipedia. For Appropedia, they should be integral to the content of Appropedia AND well cited, neutrally written, and value added. This currently reads more like a personal blog, which you are welcome to have on your personal page... e.g. at User:Pangaia/Economic_value.

Thanks! --Lonny (talk) 00:41, 2 January 2020 (UTC)