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The ideas that there is climate change, that part of it is a function of human activities, that humans things differently, and that I personally should be doing something, seem to be getting more traction. It might be a slow process or a fast one, and if there's a change in speed it might happen soon or later. Here, we're thinking about making rapid effective change easier and more powerful, in the same way an exit sign sits there waiting for a fire in the building: it does nothing until people pay attention, and as soon as they do it becomes very useful.

The assumption here is that more and more people will smell the coffee. But we're all different, in many ways (knowledge, resources, personality, whatever), so rather than one exit sign it's more like a circus, where I can serve as a clown but will not get close to the lions. So how do we map what's needed so we'll find where to contribute and how?