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Me in Arcata, CA.


Liz Kimbrough

2010 Appropedia Travel Intern!

About me:

I am a recent graduate of Humboldt State University where I studied Botany. I was particularly interested in lichens and bryophytes and conservation issues in the neotropics. After some traveling and working in the field of Botany I decided to spend some time cultivating knowledge in a completely different field: Early Childhood Education. I completed an ECE certification and am now working as an Au Pair in Turin, Italy! I enjoy music, yoga, dancing, having spontaneous adventures, traveling, bookstores, and making kids laugh.

My Role with Appropedia:

In June 2010 I visited intentional/green communities and projects in South and Central America. My goals:

  1. To document positive functional aspects of the community /project to post on Appropedia. These aspects may be technological, social, or structural, etc.
  2. To assess if these places are an appropriate fit for the project described below.
    • Appropedia intends to establish a program that would link travelers with communities or projects focused around appropriate technology and intentional living. Travelers would be given an opportunity visit their country or region of interest and to have an in-depth experience there with an intentional community or appropriate technology project. As an alternative to volunteer travel programs in which the volunteers are contributing labor, Appropedia volunteer travelers would be asked to make contributions to the Appropedia database, updating older entries or creating primary documentation about the community they are visiting.

My travel itinerary:

Dates (2010) Country Locations
August 9-11 Costa Rica The Rainbow Hostel
August 12-17 Panamá Panama City and Boquette
August 18-23 Panamá Bocas del Toro
August 24-30 Costa Rica Several communities around San Isidro
September 1-14 Costa Rica Rancho Mastatal
October 14-18 USA Bioneers Conference
November 7-12 USA The Global Summit